Toyota’s Push Towards Electric Vehicles

Toyota Prius Prime

Toyota is joining the “rush” towards electric battery automobiles and striving to produce and promote more electric vehicles for the upcoming decade as the market has shown a strong interest in hydrogen-fuel cell and battery-run modes of transportation. Toyota’s ambitious plan is to 10 new electric automobiles to the market during the 2020’s, which will commence in China and then trickle down to the rest of the world. These totals will include 5.5 million electric vehicles, out of which 1 million will be a mix of both an electric battery and hydrogen-fuel powered cars. Toyota’s great promise is backed through its partnership with Tesla’s very own battery providers, Panasonic.

From Hybrids to Full Blown Electric

While Toyota is entering the electric vehicle market quite late, it has been in the hybrid game for years. In fact, the company is currently the number one hybrid gas-electric vehicle manufacturer in the world.

With its recent “push” towards electric cars, Toyota is starting to focus most of its energies away from hybrids and more towards electric powered automobiles. As of right now, almost all Toyota vehicles offer a hybrid model, but that will soon change to an electric version during the coming decade.

Battery Company Alliance

Toyota’s pledge to bring an entirely new fleet of electric vehicles to the market has been cemented by its recent partnerships with various companies dedicated to building and providing battery technology. Just recently, Toyota joined forces with Denso and Mazda to form an entirely new corporation focused on producing and improving battery technologies. What is more, Toyota has also approached the world’s battery cell supply leader, Panasonic, in an effort to partner up with the company that has already put battery vehicle giant, Tesla, on the map. The two companies have already agreed to sign a deal and unite forces for a joint venture into a new battery business that will supply the automotive industry.  While this is not Toyota’s first entrance into the battery-run vehicle world, as it has partnered and invested with Tesla in the past, it is its first serious efforts towards “electrifying” a new breed of cars.

If Toyota is able to realize its goals, it just might become the world’s largest manufacturer of electric-run vehicles in the entire world. As of right now, it is the world’s largest car manufacturer so there is no reason to believe that it does not have a shot at becoming the world’s largest alternative-fuel car supplier either.

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