How to Unlock Your Toyota With Mechanical Key (when Smart Key dies)?

How to Unlock Toyota With Mechanical Key

Technology in a vehicle is great. It provides us with convenience and safety in many cases. When it comes to a smart key, a push button start system is a relatively newer feature. Problems can occur with this portion of your vehicle just like any other area. If you’ve noticed that you cannot enter or start your vehicle because of a dead smart key, there are some steps that you can take to utilize the mechanical key that comes with your fob. You may not even be aware that there is a mechanical key in your fob. All it takes is the quick press of a button on the side of your key. You can pull out a key ring and use your key old school style.

All driver’s side doors allow for a mechanical key to be used if you are unable to use your fob. Once you have manually gotten into your vehicle, you will want to hold the fob up to the start button of the vehicle. Press down the brake pedal and push down the start button for your vehicle. There will be a coil inside that starting button that allows you to induce your current key into the lock. This is because of a code that broadcasts and disables the immobilizer in your vehicle.

Mechanical Key

If you have trouble turning the vehicle off, you simply press down the start button and hold it down for three full seconds. This will be the only way to turn off a Toyota that has been started by way of a mechanical key. You don’t want to have to disconnect the battery so this option is much more beneficial. If you continue to have trouble with your key, you can stop down to Crown Toytoa to have one of our service technicians address your concerns. We look forward to seeing you, and we will get you back on the road in no time at all.

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