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How to Unlock Your Toyota With Mechanical Key (when Smart Key dies)?

How to Unlock Toyota With Mechanical Key  

One of the best parts of modern vehicles is the technology now available, which offers a high level of accommodation. It delivers a high level of safety and convenience, enhancing the versatility and value of the car. With smart keys, push-button start systems are considered features that have recently emerged in the auto industry. Similar to other parts of the vehicle, issues can still occur with the feature. 

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Apple Users: Can't Find Your Car Keys? This Will Help

Tired of running late to work in the morning because you’re always losing your car keys? Whether they’re in a jean pocket, hiding in the mailbox or chilling out in your refrigerator, the Toyota Key Finder will hunt them down and help save you time and frustration. The Key Finder is available for purchase through Crown Toyota and tracks down keys up to 60 feet away! Check out the enclosed video to see how it works.

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