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How Long Do Prius Batteries Last?

2019 Toyota Prius  

How Long Do Prius Batteries Last?

Toyota makes the bold claim of its Hybrid batteries used in the Prius lasting up to eight years. Such longevity is quite significant, given that the average battery begins to experience issues about two years into its job of providing power to the vehicle. Such is especially the case for newer cars and trucks as there are many electrical components to support.

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What are the Three Best Toyota Vehicles for Teenagers?

2018 Toyota Corolla

Toyota continues to remain successful in the auto industry for their reliable vehicles that last longer than most cars on the road. For teenagers, many adults prefer to provide their child with a Toyota model that is safe and will have longevity. When you're shopping for a new vehicle for your teen driver, there are a few models to consider that will provide an excellent driving experience.

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Video: Try the New Toyota Owners Mobile App

To get the most out of your Toyota, consider downloading the new Toyota Owners Mobile App. Designed to provide Toyota owners with information about their vehicle at their fingertips, this app is easy to use and incredibly useful. From how-to videos to a service appointment scheduler, there’s an array of great features this new app has to offer.

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Video: Prius Piano Highlights Aerodynamic Design

The all-new 2016 Toyota Prius is a standout model that continues to impress Decatur car buyers with its incredible features, capabilities and overall performance. Donning an aerodynamic style, the latest version of the hybrid drives better than ever before and looks good while doing it.

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