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Parkopedia Premium Parking


Parkopedia is a new service provided to Toyota's made in 2018 or newer. Parkopedia does the heavy lifting of locating, reserving and paying for parking for you. With 60,000 off-street locations participating and 6000 reservable locations also involved, Parkopedia will prove to be all-encompassing and practical for any Toyota or Lexus user.

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Why Are Toyota Vehicles So Reliable?

Toyota Vehicles  

Toyota is one of the most popular automakers on the market. While the brand is recognized worldwide for many great features, one of its best assets is reliability. Over the years, Toyota has earned a reputation as an automaker that consistently produces some of the most reliable and long-lasting cars on the road. For Toyota, the secret to success is not racing to be the first to market with new products, and it's not selling the fanciest new cars. Instead, Toyota takes a practical approach to its car construction philosophy.

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How Long Do Prius Batteries Last?

2019 Toyota Prius  

How Long Do Prius Batteries Last?

Toyota makes the bold claim of its Hybrid batteries used in the Prius lasting up to eight years. Such longevity is quite significant, given that the average battery begins to experience issues about two years into its job of providing power to the vehicle. Such is especially the case for newer cars and trucks as there are many electrical components to support.

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4 Tips to Protect Your Car From Winter

Illinois drivers know how rough the winter can be on their vehicles. While salting and sanding roads during snowy days will help you stay on the pavement and keep you safe, they can also wreak havoc on your car. Salt and sand can have devastating effects on your car’s finish and even its performance. Here’s seven tips to help keep your car looking like new.

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