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Toyota GR Supra Now Available with Manual Transmission

Toyota GR Supra Now Available with Manual TransmissionThe Toyota Supra now has a version that includes a manual transmission if you are so inclined. Here's some information about this car.

Supra Review

A manual transmission option is an option you can use as opposed to automatic on the Supra 3.0 and the 3.0 Premium. Supra is also known for how it has added new colors and special editions lately. These added looks catch the eye. Examples include the A91 Edition, which will make only in 2023.

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Electric Vehicle (EV) Cost of Ownership

Electric Vehicle (EV) Cost of OwnershipMany of our customers are interested in buying electric vehicles, but they don't know about the long-term cost of ownership. After all, electric vehicles, or EVs, are generally more expensive than traditional gasoline-powered vehicles, so many are wary about purchasing one. Fortunately, when you do consider the cost of ownership, modern electric vehicles come out ahead of their more traditional counterparts. Here are a few reasons why.
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Toyota Shows Off 15 Electric Concept Vehicles

Toyota Electric Vehicle

As one of the most dominant automotive companies in the world, Toyota has certainly pioneered lots of technologies over the generations. This Japanese company has developed and launched some of the most popular hybrid and plug-in hybrid vehicles of all time. After capturing such growing markets in North America and other continents, the firm wants to expand its lineup of fully electric vehicles. By 2030, Toyota hopes to launch up to 30 new models that will run on electricity. Here's a sneak peek at some of the upcoming EVs that are part of the firm's ambitious Beyond Zero…

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Parkopedia Premium Parking


Parkopedia is a new service provided to Toyota's made in 2018 or newer. Parkopedia does the heavy lifting of locating, reserving and paying for parking for you. With 60,000 off-street locations participating and 6000 reservable locations also involved, Parkopedia will prove to be all-encompassing and practical for any Toyota or Lexus user.

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How Does Destination Assist Work?

It can be challenging to find an unfamiliar location. However, advances in technology have made that much simpler with the integration of navigation systems to help us get directions to wherever we want to go. But the Toyota Destination Assist feature is an enhanced version of traditional navigation systems. Read on to find out how.

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How to Disable Toyota Auto Start/Stop

Toyota Driver Driving  

You probably never imagined that you could save money by sitting in traffic. However, that's where Toyota's Automatic Start and Stop features come in handy. This innovative system, which is found on select Toyota vehicles, turns the engine off when full power is not required. This saves you money on fuel and helps lower the car's emissions. The system is designed to cut off power to the engine when you are stopped and resume power when the vehicle starts moving again. Another advantage of the Auto Start and Stop function is that you can turn off the…

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