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Exciting advancements in automotive technology often come with a side of skepticism. Drivers are often eager to learn ways of bypassing new technology in the event of an emergency or mechanical failure. The Start-Stop feature many Toyota models now offer allows drivers to save fuel by automatically shutting off the engine when the vehicle comes to a stop and restarting the engine when the driver releases the brake.

However, there are instances in which a Toyota owner may wish to disable the feature. Disabling Start-Stop is advisable when towing, if the air conditioner's output decreases, or if the vehicle's windows fog as a result of the engine being shut off for an extended period.

How Do I Disable Auto Start-Stop?

To disable the Start-Stop feature, simply press the corresponding button to the left of the steering wheel to deactivate. There is also a related icon on the Multi-Information Display that illuminates when the vehicle starts and stops. Start-Stop will automatically reactivate when the driver restarts the ignition or when he or she presses the button again, whichever occurs first. Disabling the Start-Stop feature does not interfere with Toyota Safety Sense high-tech safety features.

How Do I Learn More about Toyota Auto Start-Stop?

To learn more about Toyota vehicles that feature, or to experience the innovative feature Start-Stop feature first-hand, visit Crown Toyota today. We are available to answer all your questions about features and highlights, maintenance, and financing while delivering the top-notch service that sets us apart. Our inventory changes daily, call, come by, or visit our website frequently.

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