Toyota to Introduce Amazon Alexa in its Vehicles

Toyota Connect

As a leader in the automotive industry, Toyota is always looking for new ways to improve the experience of Toyota drivers and passengers. With the popularity of Amazon's Alexa voice recognition assistant, it's a seamless transition for Toyota to integrate Alexa into their lineup to improve technology for future models.

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Toyota’s Push Towards Electric Vehicles

Toyota Prius Prime

Toyota is joining the “rush” towards electric battery automobiles and striving to produce and promote more electric vehicles for the upcoming decade as the market has shown a strong interest in hydrogen-fuel cell and battery-run modes of transportation. Toyota’s ambitious plan is to 10 new electric automobiles to the market during the 2020’s, which will commence in China and then trickle down to the rest of the world. These totals will include 5.5 million electric vehicles, out of which 1 million will be a mix of both an electric battery and hydrogen-fuel powered cars. Toyota’s great…

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