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If you're looking for a great deal on your next car or truck, you should head down to the friendly folks over at Crown Toyota in Decatur and talk about all the possible options you have available. Good credit or less-than-stellar credit, we work with people from everywhere to find the right fit at the right price.

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Why Should I Finance My Next Car?

While you certainly have the option to buy the car outright, for many people, financing the car may be a better option overall. Why? Simply put, because it's a more natural way to get you into the vehicle of your dreams quickly and affordable.

But financing a car also comes with other advantages, such as:

  • Improved Credit Score. Think of your car purchase as an investment, one that you'll make not only in your automobile but your future as well. Buying a car is a mark of financial maturity, and other lenders in the future will look to your past purchases and credit history to see how responsible you have been. A car loan is one of the most reliable indicators of future ability to pay down debt on time and in full.
  • Unrestricted Access. While leasing is an excellent option for some people, it comes with certain restrictions attached, such as how many miles you can put on it every year. With financing your car, there are no such restrictions. It's precise as if you own your vehicle already; you can take it where you want, whenever you want, for whatever you want.
  • Better Use of Money. Today's historical rates are unparalleled, allowing you to finance a new or used car for next to nothing. Compare that type of savings with the returns you would get on the stock market, and you're better of financing the car and letting your dollars work over the same period to make you more money in investments.
  • Nicer Car. Buying a car in cash is great if you have the money to begin with, but for many, having $5-50,000 on hand at any one time is next to impossible. That's why, through financing, you can have the car that you want at a monthly payment you can afford. Once that car is paid off, you'll be able to trade or sell it for a newer one and use it as a down payment. Not to mention the set payments every month make for easier budgeting for you.

Because of past credit hiccups, many people are under the assumption that auto dealers will not sell them the car at all, period. But while there can be a difference in interest rates or a few other line items, Crown Toyota of Decatur is committed to working with every customer, regardless of credit score. We pride ourselves on working with various lenders and banks to get you the best deal for your specific situation, so there's no question that you'll be getting the best deal around.



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