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Are There Any Benefits to Leasing a RAV4?

When you lease a Toyota RAV4, you can save on upfront costs. Usually, a lease down payment is lower than the financing down payment would be on the same car.

With leases, you will save money on your monthly payments, too. You can put that possible savings toward something else important in your life, or you can use it to jump to the next RAV4 trim class.

Your Toyota RAV4 lease will probably also save you money on repairs. While financing a car can lead to owning it past its warranty expiration date, leasing it enables you to likely be protected by the auto's warranty throughout the period that you possess the vehicle. Typically, you will only incur costs via oil changes, tire rotations, and other maintenance.

When you own a car, you may eventually feel stuck with it. The typical lease lets you drive a car for a couple of years, enjoy its newness and return it without any hassles. We enjoy offering leasing's convenience, and we know that it can foster a long-term, return-customer relationship with you.

How Can I Learn More?

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