2019 Toyota Tundra

With a motto of “bring on the world's trails,” you get a good indication of the Tundra prowess on off-road terrain. From forged wheels to a sport-tuned suspension system, the Toyota Tundra is designed for adventure from the ground up. Exterior features like skid plates and outboard-mounted shocks, a heavy-duty frame, and an impressive towing capacity are other amenities that make the Toyota Tundra a top choice for an off-road adventure. Even on the inside, you'll find a variety of other features that make the Tundra more safe, comfortable, and capable on the trails, too.

The type of wheels that you get on a Toyota Tundra might be different based on the trim level that you choose. But no matter which trim level you get, you can rest assured that you'll get high-quality wheels. These forged aluminum wheels are built trail-tough to handle the elements. There are also larger 20-inch wheels available on select trims and offered in special sports packages. No matter what model year or trim of the Toyota Tundra you get, rest assured you'll get good shocks, too.

Tundra Has a Powerful Suspension

A FOX suspension system, specially designed with power and performance in mind, gives the front and back wheels more travel. Beneath the Tundra is an aluminum skid plate that helps protect the vehicle's vulnerable components in style, thanks to bright and bold lettering that shows everyone what kind of truck (and trim level) you are driving. Bilstein shocks, which are combined with anti-sway bars, enhance the Tundra's off-road precision. With an off-road package for any Toyota Tundra, you will get a car that looks even more ready for the trails, too.

Does the Tundra Have a Strong Engine?

Adding to the Tundra's capabilities is its power and handling system. The Tundra is available with a 5.7L V8 engine that is designed to help the truck pull over 10,000 pounds. Special trailer safety features and add-on amenities make a workday or weekend getaway equally safe and enjoyable.

Inside, the Tundra has features that add to its trail-ready profile. There is plenty of room in the cabin, which is both functional and practical. Cutting-edge technology, including a backup camera and navigation system, provide confidence and security on even the most remote and harrowing trails. A standard multi-information display provides vital information about the Tundra, including average speed and fuel economy.

Equipped with notable features inside and out, the Toyota Tundra is about as trail-ready and rugged as it gets. Each trim level offers its own features. To see the Tundra in person and learn more about its off-road power, don't hesitate to contact our dealership.

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