Macon Resources  

Macon Resources, Inc. (MRI) in Decatur, Illinois, is an organization that serves individuals in the Decatur area with developmental disabilities. The organization now operates several programs designed for children and adults. Since its foundation, MRI has worked with over 800 individuals ranging from infants and toddlers to children and adults. The organization strives to offer services and programs that promote participants' self-worth, independence, and growth.

Macon Resources Inc.

About Macon Resources, Inc.

MRI was established in 1958 under the name of Progress Day School, which was changed shortly after to "Progress Resource Center." Although the organization's name changed, its commitment remained the same of providing quality care for families whose children were excluded from public education due to their developmental disabilities. Progress Day School created a school designed specifically for children with developmental disabilities.

In 1965, a change in public education law required children with disabilities to be accommodated in public schools. In response, Progress Day School expanded its services to include young adults as well. The organization simultaneously changed its name to "Progress Resource Center." It expanded its list of activities and services to include a residential center for children and a work activity program for participants of all ages. Progress Resources Center again expanded its list of services in 1970 to offer job training for adults. The organization also gained a contract with the State of Illinois to create state license plates, which is still a service MRI today.

In 1988, Progress Resource Center merged with Macon County Rehabilitation Facilities. The merger resulted in the formation of Macon Resources, Inc. Along with the new name came a move and expansion to a new, larger 10,000 SF facility. MRI added even more programs and services to its list of offerings for individuals in need.


Today, MRI operates three core programs: Adult Services, Children's Services, and Manufacturing. MRI's Adult Services program offers case management and assessment, residential services, training and employment, language and speech therapy, and more. Children's Services also encompass speech and language therapy, along with home visits and child care. The Manufacturing program is a unique program designed to train program participants with the skills they need to excel in manufacturing jobs and related positions. Program participants receive lawn care training, creating license plates, catering, subcontracting, janitorial services, and general manufacturing support. Individuals in the program ultimately design high-quality products sold to local businesses and community members.