Toyota All Wheel Drive Vs. Four Wheel Drive


Many of the vehicles that are being sold these days come with a variety of features. Depending on what model you're looking at, you may have the opportunity to choose between AWD and 4WD. Some people assume that these are the same thing, but they are different setups. Though it can be confusing to understand the differences between the two, let's discuss each of these systems to make an informed decision about which vehicle is right for you.

What is All-Wheel Drive?

All-wheel drive means that the powertrain is powering both the front and rear wheels of the vehicle. There is a full-time AWD option that moves all four of your wheels continuously. A part-time system uses its two-wheel-drive mode for the most part, though it will switch over to AWD when necessary for traction.

The AWD feature functions automatically without the requiring driver to engage the system. There are also a few models are on the market that provides additional options for control. All of the wheels will receive torque through a set of differentials, couplings, and clutches.

What is Four-Wheel Drive?

Four-wheel drive is a function typically offered in larger vehicles like SUVs and trucks. The vehicle's power is transferred to all four wheels using a set of differentials in the front, center, and rear, along with transfer cases and couplings.

The 4WD setup sends torque to all of the wheels to the vehicle as required. A 4WD vehicle comes in full-time and part-time modes similar to AWD vehicles. It is possible to select between low and high ranges by selecting the appropriate levers or switches. The best traction is attained with the low setting, and the high setting is best for less demanding road conditions that may be less demanding, like gravel, sand, or snow.

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