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How Does the Toyota Tundra Drive Off-Road?

2019 Toyota Tundra

With a motto of “bring on the world's trails,” you get a good indication of the Tundra prowess on off-road terrain. From forged wheels to a sport-tuned suspension system, the Toyota Tundra is designed for adventure from the ground up. Exterior features like skid plates and outboard-mounted shocks, a heavy-duty frame, and an impressive towing capacity are other amenities that make the Toyota Tundra a top choice for an off-road adventure. Even on the inside, you'll find a variety of other features that make the Tundra more safe, comfortable, and capable on the trails, too.

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How to Disable Toyota Auto Start/Stop

Toyota Driver Driving

Exciting advancements in automotive technology often come with a side of skepticism. Drivers are often eager to learn ways of bypassing new technology in the event of an emergency or mechanical failure. The Start-Stop feature many Toyota models now offer allows drivers to save fuel by automatically shutting off the engine when the vehicle comes to a stop and restarting the engine when the driver releases the brake.

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